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Social Networks Manager™ by EmmeGirls is the vision and concept of the CEO of Bruce Porter, Jr.

Mr. Porter has worked with SEO (search engine optimization) and web services development and design for over 10 years.  He has functioned as an executive, business owner, project manager and lead engineer on various projects. He has a multitude of experience in SEO, interactive web design and web development including developing social networks, webcast projects and technical training.

Mr Porter’s experience has put him on the forefront of the social media advertising revolution. He has taken a particular interest and has specific expertise in translating user requirements into web development services and optimizing websites for search engine results. Mr Porter has a proven ability to use social networks to drive traffic via relevant keywords to specific websites. He has created user guides and training documentation for new systems as well.Mr. Porter has developed training programs for a variety of government agencies and commercial enterprises. He has built social networks for private and public entities andhas trained multiple user groups through use of flexible virtual environments.

He rapidly transferred knowledge on systems use and functionality for large government organizations and 30-40 personnel in a commercial enterprise environment for a multitude of customers.His experience in search engine optimization and developing social networking environments have reduced substantial cost for clients while increasing profits for a variety of customers in the sales market space. His knowledge of designing webcast programs around certified training plans and corporate objectives has enabled seamless transitions into new platforms.

Mr Porter enjoys playing and coaching both hockey and ice dancing.  He has exhibited an unusual skill at teaching and developing young people.  He also loves to travel and compete.  He has competed at the US Figure Skating National Championships and European Figure Skating Championships in 2008 and 2009 in ice dancing.

Social Networks Manager by EmmeGirls
Social Networks Manager™ by EmmeGirls.  Have your promotional models work for you before, during and after your event

EmmeGirls uses proven SEO techniques to brand your company on the world wide web with Social Networks Manager

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